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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ok, we're gonna do it.

We have decided to do it.  I am going to take the job.  I am thinking I am probably crazy cause who am I fooling?  The fact that I'll be working full time will be no excuse not to clean the house, prepare the meals, walk the dog, get the boys to practice, monitor homework and, ummm, oh yeah, sleep once in a while.

I will probably be working the midnight shift which (the good news!) should provide me with plenty of opportunities to blog about the human condition or lack thereof.  And also, we'll be able to pay the mortgage off in like, 4 or 5 years.  That's huge!  I'll probably be starting right after school starts, and aside from the fact that I am nervous about the upcoming scheduling issues, I am looking forward to getting back out there again.  I know...crazy.  But look!  With my blond hair, I actually look a little like Angie Dickinson :)

So wish me luck people...I'm gonna need it!


Amber_D said...

How exciting that you are venturing back into the world of police work! My husband works as a Sgt. in a correctional facility. So, we're in that world as well in a way. I rather like the idea of policewomen as we are way more bad ass than men.
I'm interested to read in the coming months how you fair on the housework side of things. I work full time and that slips MAJORLY at times. It can be hard when you are trying to do it all.
I hope Kurt helps you a ton. I'm sure it will be a change for him. It's so worth it though to pursue something that gives you fulfillment!

Diana Burfield (BettyShmetty) said...

Hey Amber! We are kindred spirits! I am also curious as to how I will cope with keeping up with the housework and (what a great idea!) I'll keep you posted as to my progress. The thing I'm concerned about now is the whole family meal thing. Right now, we sit down as a family every night at the table. That won't be happening if I'm working at 5:30 pm. I'll have to figure out how to feed my men in this whole world of change we'll be experiencing. I'll probably be using my crock pot a lot. The ensuing chaos should make for some stormy weather (and funny stories) in the Burfield house :)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Good luck, Diana!! As a working wife (not mother, so I don't have that extra weight on me), it is hard sometimes, but contributing to the household income feels amazing, so there are both good and bad things I guess. I wish you the best of luck though. :)

Diana Burfield (BettyShmetty) said...

Thanks Katie! You are right, there are good and bad things with it. I am trying to stay very positive. When the doodoo hits the fan and things start getting impossible, THEN I will panic, but for now, I'm staying positive...it's gonna work, it's gonna work, it's gonna work...

Oh, and also, I work better under pressure, so it's probably gonna make things even better ;)