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Friday, August 12, 2011

My fun new feature...Gettin' Busy With Betty!

I am starting a new feature on my little blog called "Gettin' Busy With Betty."  Once each week, I plan to feature a new project that can be completed in as little as a weekend by YOU!  "But Betty" you say, "I can't sew, I can't build, I can't do anything!"  I say you can!  Just wait, you'll see just how simple some of these things are once you break them down into easy steps. 

Since I am a decorator, I figured I might be able to help a few of you out there get some things done around the house inexpensively!  I am going to start my new feature next Friday.  My first project for you will be organizing and decorating your closet.  It's a great project with a HUGE payoff!

I am planning to feature projects on things like:

How to select the correct paint colors for different rooms.

How to make simple but elegant (and cheap!) curtains.

How to make over an ugly piece of furniture.

How to organize your kitchen cabinets and make them look pretty.

How to reupholster a chair.

How to rewire a lamp.

How to make a lamp out of found items.

How to make a pillow out of other things.  

How to remake an ugly chandelier into something fabulous.

These are just some of the ideas that pop into my head right now.  There are lots of things I can share with you!  Also, I would be delighted to cover topics of interest to you!  If you would like me to help you with a specific topic, please let me know in the comments section below or send me an email at simplyfabulousinterior@gmail.com.

And remember!

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Anonymous said...

Long time no hear/ read, etc. Hope all is well, just dry humor from an old (old) aquaitance ( spell?). Someone got a hold of this and took spell check off, darnit good speller- add bronx cheer, blow razzies. Anyway with your new feature being my age, weight and incapacity I would like to know how to sit on my luv seat and wiggle my nose to get anything done, oh did I mention I'm a hot physical wreck? Don't forget to visit me betty. Hoppy easter ( we went to church, unfortunately too many people believe in the pagan holiday instead of Christ Jesus. Read your bibles please people!