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Monday, October 3, 2011

My tiny house fantasy...

Sometimes, in my imagination, I live in a tiny little house.  My tiny house is tucked near a stream on a little piece of country heaven not too far from a little town where everyone knows everyone else.

Here's a picture of my little dream house:

Tumbleweed Tiny House - Bodega
My little slice of heaven is about 350 square feet and has only the things that I need and love...nothing else.  It is decorated with well-loved and worn vintage furniture. 

My tiny house is surrounded by a garden of wild flowers.  Sometimes I pick them and put them in a pretty vase on the little desk where I am writing my book.

Music is always playing in my tiny house...G Love, Jason Mraz and Led Zeppelin to name a few of my favorites.  Sometimes I play the music really loud and dance around.  I don't own a TV, but I have a hundred books.  Sometimes I read my favorite books over and over.  If I wait at least a year, I can't even remember the story, so it works out nicely.

I live in my little house alone.  My husband and kids live in town and I visit them when I want to.  Sometimes, I invite them to my little house, but when they start to annoy me, I ask them kindly to go home and they do.  We all get along great!

You know what I love most about my little house?  I love the freedom I feel when I am there. 


AnnaMarie said...

I'm moving in LOL !!!

Billie said...

I will bring cinnamon rolls and a couple of rockers for the front porch!!

Mollie said...

There's a living small movement. You could do just this very thing in your backyard. If you have a backyard. I don't have a backyard so I try not to assume others do.

It's nice to finally come by and visit. Ah, blogger. Quirky it is.

Angie said...

Ahhh sweet freedom! I'm feeling that freedom right now but my house is so big I feel like it's all a waste of space. I could use a little tiny house by a stream too!

ArtsyNina said...

I have that exact same fantasy! FOr real! LOL I want a house that the boys can't mess up. ;)