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Monday, June 3, 2013


Being 49 and trying to lose weight just plain sucks.  I have been working really hard every single day.  I have walked my ass off.  I have watched and logged all of my calories.  And still, the scale doesn't budge.  I am frustrated.  Really, right now, what I feel like doing is eating some cookies.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not doing one of those crazy strict diets where I never allow myself anything that isn't "perfect" diet food.  No.  I am simply logging everything that goes into my mouth on My Fitness Pal and then, I am exercising.  Mostly, I walk, although I would prefer to run.  I injured myself over a month ago (while running) and now I just can't seem to shake the calf injury to my left calf.  So I walk.  Really hard.  For miles.  Everyday.

I just feel like I should at least see a pound a week.  I'm not unrealistic.  Nor am I expecting miracles and magic weight loss.  It's supposed to be all in the numbers.  Calories in, calories out.  I just don't understand why I can go for weeks with no changes in the number.

I am frustrated.  But I'm still walking.


Anonymous said...

I am in the same situation. I eat right, walk, and dance, but nothing. My son says I need to add weight lifting, but for some reason, I resist. It's just so boring to me! Plus,, I hate having sore muscles. But guess I'd better give in and do it if I want some results. :(

Anonymous said...

Take your son's advice - add weight training along with some agility moves. As we age we tend to lose our balance, so the agility stuff is really beneficial. Do squats on a balance ball. The weight training doesn't have to be heavy on machines or free weights. Start by doing planks. Do sit ups on a balance ball while holding a medicine ball. Do arm and leg work using a stretch band. Add similar moves. Warm up with a quick 10 min brisk walk. Do your weight/ agility stuff for 30 min. Then walk or swim for 45. At 57 I trained for a ten day, 100 mile hike in the mountains of NM doing the above routine. It worked! I lost weight easily, got strong and lost my middle, my jiggly arms, my love handles, and my saggy neck. Try it!