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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Checking in

I feel like I should check in to let whomever is here with me know that although I haven't written lately, I'm still plugging away.

I tore my left calf AGAIN about 4 weeks ago while we were in Cooperstown, NY for my son's baseball tournament.  The day I tore it, I felt terrific.  I worked out in the morning and felt no warning that I was going to have a problem later.  How did I tear it?  My son hit a home run and I started jumping up and down and BAM! I felt like someone had stabbed my calf with a knife and I was down and out for the rest of the trip.  I went to the orthopedist doctor when I got home and he confirmed it was a tear and that all I could do was rest it, ice it and let it heal. 

After three weeks, the bruising and swelling finally started going away and I started to be able to place my heel on the floor.  I am still limping occasionally in the morning, but I am gettting better.  This week, I started walking again...a little. 

This injury has been difficult for me.  I have been depressed.  I haven't been eating the foods I should.  I find that I am an "all or nothing" kind of girl.  I have to be exercising in order to want to eat right.  Since I've been unable to exercise, I have been eating some crap.  Last week, when I started feeling better, I ordered some Isagenix products and decided to really get back in the swing of things when the products arrived.  They came yesterday and I started my 30 day weight loss and cleanse routine.  The good news after several weeks of crappy eating is that I did not gain any weight.  What a shock!  I thought I would have gained at least several pounds.  I guess that goes to show how important it is to exercise when trying to lose weight...I guess it really helps to keep it off afterwards, even if you aren't doing it for a while.

I think the Isalean shakes are filling, but they taste a lot different than other protein shakes I've used.  They are not as sweet.  I find myself adding a little stevia to my shake to make it taste a little better.  I do find that I am not hungry for several hours after drinking one though, so that's good news.  I am not sure if the products will make it any easier for me to lose weight or make me feel better.  I'll have to let you know.

I decided to shake up my routine by adding some strength training.  Although I am unable to do all of it at the moment due to the injury to my calf, I am doing some of the exercises you can find on this link:


The exercises are tough!!!  But I can feel that they will really help me as I am better able to do them like the instructions say.  Wish me luck!

That's all for now.  Here's to hoping you are successful in your efforts and staying healthy and without injuries!

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