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Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's working!

I'm starting to lose weight again!  I just had to post and let you know (you know who you are) not to give up.  It's really hard to keep going when we don't see results in a timely manner.  It's hard to stick to or try to tweak or entirely change up a diet and continue to try to be disciplined when you don't see any payoff for all of the work. 

As I said the other day, I've been at the same weight for nearly 2 months now.  That is so frustrating in the context that I am seriously working hard to reduce the number on the scale and the size of my ass!  So a few days ago, I decided to go back to a diet I was on before that helped me get over a medical problem I was having.  This was The Alkaline Miracle diet.  It worked before and it's working again.  The scale has moved.  A little.  But it's something.

I didn't go into it before, but when I was on this program the last time, I found it by accident.  I was having an issue with my lower legs, feet and ankles swelling up.  Actually, they were swollen for a couple of weeks before I really realized I was having a problem.  When I first noticed some discomfort, I felt like I needed to stretch my calves because I had worked out too hard and my muscles were sore.  Only I wasn't working out and there was no reason for my legs to be sore.  I guess I'm a little slow sometimes because I'm so busy with being a working mom, but about two weeks into this feeling, I realized that my ankles and feet were literally twice their normal size and I was having trouble squatting because of  the swelling in my calves. 

All of a sudden, I was very alarmed.  I had never experienced anything like that before without it being linked to an injury.  Or pregnancy.  So, of course, I began trying to self-diagnose by googling my symptoms.  All kinds of things came up, from heart failure to kidney failure.  All of them very scary!  From the lists of symptoms I read, the only one that seemed even remotely possible was kidney failure. Now, you must realize that, at the time, I was 48 years old, a police officer in uniform with approximately 25 pounds of equipment around my waist and upper body every day, standing most of the day, and out of shape. 

As I googled "kidney failure" and looked for self cures for what was ailing me, I came across a discussion board about kidney failure and several people mentioned getting on a high alkaline diet.  I started looking into the diet and found the book I mentioned above, The Alkaline Miracle.  I immediately bought the book and started doing the diet the same day.  I think I mentioned that the diet consists of mostly green veggies, a little fish, some nuts and grains, and lots of water.  It seemed doable, so I did it.  I noticed results immediately.  Within 3 days, all of the swelling in my legs was gone and I felt amazing!  I lost 17 pounds.  I did not find the diet difficult to stick to.  (There is no dairy or meat, but I gave up dairy several years ago and didn't really miss the meat.)  The only bummer was all the prep for the fresh vegetables.

I was doing fine until I watched the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and decided to try juicing for 10 days.  Three days into the juicing, I started feeling sick.  I had a migraine and was lethargic.  It was too much so I started eating food trying to feel better.  Then I started sliding backwards with my diet and soon was back where I started as far as my diet was concerned.  My take-away lesson?  Moderation.  The alkaline diet is healthy and, for me, balanced.  The juicing only?  Not for me. 

So, for the last few days, I've been juicing some fresh veggies and adding them to my protein shakes twice a day, and basically following an alkaline diet.  And I've lost a couple of pounds.  I feel awesome and very motivated to continue.  I'll keep you posted, but, as of today, I've lost 13 pounds and I have 20 to go to reach my goal.  Yay me!

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